I love: American tv-series: Profit

I’ve got to admit that I’m an addict. No, not to alcohol or something like that. I’m addicted to American tv-series. My favorite of all times: Profit. The dvd-set (Amazon-Link) wasn’t available in Germany, so I ordered it in the US and got myself a dvd-player without region code restrictions. That’s how much I love this series.

“Profit” is about the rise of a young man to the top of the corporation he works for. That alone wouldn’t be interesting, but luckily (for the viewer) he is a psychopath with a really twisted sense of moral. And although you see him being manipulative, commiting crimes, blackmailing good people - you can’t help but root for the guy.

I must have watched every episode at least twenty times, but I still enjoy it, whenever I hear the theme announcing another rerun. So, if you haven’t seen it - catch it when it’s on tv, get a hold of the dvd’s - just watch and enjoy.

Unfortunately the producers were a couple of years ahead of their time. The bible belt didn’t like it. There was no HBO at that time, so the series only survived 8 episodes. Luckily the producers halfway expected that, so it doesn’t leave you hanging in the air.

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