I dislike: Twitter

Maybe I am just old-fashioned, but I have no interest in people telling me when they have to take a dump, where they aquired their latest STD or what they had for dinner. I especially don’t care for information like that, if it is written IM-style. Let’s open the frontpage and see what people write:

  • Waiting for lunch from my sweet wife
  • I’m hungry and I’m too lazy to make something to eat!!!
  • realised after several minutes that the Orb CD I’m listening to is jumping and it’s not supposed to sound like this…
  • boring people on twitter.
  • lovin twittervision. can i waste more time

That would be hard. I know, I’ve got to much free time on my hand (otherwise you wouldn’t read this), but “twittering”?

Oh, and just do prove what a digital neanderthal I am: I also don’t like SMS. You want to tell me something? Give me a call or even better - send me an email. That way I don’t have to waste my time with monotonous chit-chat.

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Comment by Leroy Brown
2007-03-22 18:57:37

Twitter doesn’t even feel new to me at all.. it feels like old-school blogging. Like when most bloggers were crazy cat ladies talking about the funny stuff their cats did. Except now they’re ‘twittering’. What’s the difference, exactly?

Comment by Tobsy
2007-03-22 19:07:12

They used to blog it, when the cat broke a vase. Now they follow the cat around the whole day, waiting for it to do something they can twitter about, while describing how they wait.

Comment by Leroy Brown
2007-03-22 19:08:49

Haha good analogy. Someone should make a cartoon out of that. Where’s Hugh from gaping void when you need him?


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