Why are there so many blogs about blogging?

When I started this blog, the topic was pretty clear to me - “The US from an Outsider’s POV”. Sounds pretty clear, doesn’t it? I wanted to blog about something I was always interested in. The more I read, the more my interests shift, though. I’ve been reading about blogging, I’ve learned through experience (including the digg effect, although in my case it was reddit), and now mostly, when I think about what to post next, blogging stuff comes to my mind.

The post “20 things to keep in mind when visiting Germany” gave me about 4,000 unique visitors in two days and at least 100 every day since then. That’s not bad for a less than a month old blog. But instead of being happy about that and just thinking of my next post, I thought about how to enhance my blog. I read about SEO, monetizing (yeah, after 3 weeks), linkbuilding, ranks and a lot more.

I think that is why most people blog about blogging, even the ones who start it to make money. Sure, you finetune everything, start networking (which i suck at), write about your niche, but in the end you become absorbed in (for lack of a better term) a subculture. People quoting and linking each other, giving tips, that others can put into practice. It sure looks like fun, and if people can make a living of it, even better for them.

But where does that leave me? Hmm. Is an American blog less American than an American movie? Am I not already writing a post about blogging right now?

Dammit, I think I’m starting to feel like a blogger.

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Comment by Joel Froese
2007-04-04 22:44:17

I feel you pain! I started my blog when I went to live in Austria for 6 months just to let my friends & family know what I was doing. Two overseas trips later, I am back home, but feel compelled to continue blogging just as a creative outlet. I too have hit the Reddit front page; but unlike you, I don’t think about monetizing my blog. In fact, I don’t want to know how many visitors I get; if it is many, my head will swell, if it is few, I would be discouraged. I figure it’s best not to know this in the same way you are not supposed to know your own IQ.


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