10 reasons why I, as a German, would vote for John Edwards

Yes, even as a German, I have my favorite candidate for your presidential election. In 2004 it was Gen. Wesley Clark, this time I have chosen John Edwards as my favorite candidate.
And this is why:

  • He is a brilliant speaker. Look at his legal career. Speaking to the jury for an hour and a half without referring to notes? Wow.
  • He looks good. Okay, to me this is not important, but that should be good for a couple of votes, right?
  • He had the balls to say that his vote for the iraq war was wrong. After listening to the other candidates trying to avoid a straight answer to this topic, this is a big plus.
  • He wants a complete withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq within 18 months.
  • I like his health care plans. But I guess this is one of the reasons he will not get enough votes to become the democratic candidate.
  • He is pro-choice. I’m not for abortions. The thought alone creeps me out. But the choice should always be made by the pregnant woman. Not by law, not by politicians and definitely not by wussy guys like me.
  • Strengthening the middle class is a nice change after 8 years of favoritism towards big industry.
  • He supports a raise of the minimum wage. It’s about time.
  • He wants to cut taxes for low-income workers.
  • He doesn’t think that global warming is a believe-issue.

Oh, and a final one: He is not Hillary Clinton.

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Comment by Chino
2007-04-15 17:04:22

your last line is a good reason already and enough to vote for John Edwards.

Comment by jdhatl
2007-05-03 11:02:39

Check out Mike Gravel

the only clearly non-war mongering candidate besides Kucinich, old enough to have a much needed sense of perspective that is sorely lacking. Edwards isn’t too bad though, he’s very smart. And southern (all democratic presidents have been southerners since after JFK)

Comment by Tobsy
2007-05-03 12:50:08

Unfortunately I think there’s no chance in hell that Gravel can become the democratic nominee. His views ands ideas are great (mostly), but they go way too far for him to get elected.

Just read about him and social media. Maybe they’ll let him speak in classic media again in the future. One can hope.


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