Google Pagerank - Blog PR2, Post PR5 - Weird

Google updated the public Pagerank - nice. As expected “Tobsy says” got a PR2, which isn’t bad, considering it’s not even 2 months old and it’s not about blogging.

I had a look at the different datacenters over at oy-oy. I entered, saw the PR2 and then, just for fun, I entered It got quite a few links, including two from Surprisingly I saw a PR5. Okay, maybe it’s of no big use, but it’s still nice to see.

So, if you’re like me and this was your first PR-update, why don’t you test the PR of your most linked posts?

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Comment by Drew
2007-05-01 14:57:40

Thanks for the comment at my blog. My PR for one of my sites dropped to 1, it had been a 4.

Comment by Tobsy
2007-05-01 15:01:08

*ouch* That’s a heavy hit.

Comment by Manila Mom
2007-05-01 15:17:17

This is a good idea, Tobsy - I’ll do it for my specific posts. My main month-old blog got a PR2 but another one of the same “age” got a PR3. I still can’t figure out how and why.

I didn’t know page rank could slide down, unless the blog moved from one site to another. That’s really a big letdown. But if you did it before, Drew,I think you can do it again. Go back up,I mean.

Comment by Jennifer
2007-05-04 02:50:23

Congrats on the quick PR. That is nice…I had a 2 pretty early as well. I then got a 3 and then went back down to a 2. This time, I am back at 3.

Anyways, your Germany posting is pretty impressive and very informative. I can see why it would get a 5. Great work…


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