A site that gets me daydreaming

Do you have a website that, as soon as you open it, jump starts your imagination and gets you daydreaming? I do.

Mine is Vladi Private Islands . As you can tell from the name it is a real estate broker, whose specialty are islands.

I’m kind of a loner and have a sentimental attachment to our coastal region. So, having my own little island might be a logical thing to dream about. Especially if you have a thing for Canada (although I’ve never been there *g*). That’s where a lot of the islands are.

If you’ve got some time to kill and share some of my preferences, have a look at the website and dream about the island next to mine. Hey, you could hop on your boat and come over for a cup of coffee :-).

Oh, and this is not a paid post, just in case you’re wondering.

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