10 clear signs that you’re a workaholic

Your company hired a new accountant just to keep track of your expense account.

Five years ago you had a lot of friends in the company. Today you have the same friends, but they are all unemployed.

You’re wife is worried that you’re working too much, but relaxes after you tell her that you just had some java with your colleagues.

You’re on first name base with your boss, but lately your kid calls you Mister.

The management thought about moving your company to China, but didn’t because Chinese workers would not be as cost-efficient as you.

You took two extra jobs to fund your hobbies. Now you’re wealthy but don’t have a hobby anymore.

You are Paris Hilton’s PR agent.

The sign on the dialysis machine that pumps caffeine in your veins says “sleep is for the weak”.

You are sure that you’re married, you just can’t remember to whom.

You are a single working mother of three children.