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Why do so many people think Americans are stupid?

I’ll tell you why: They see videos like this:


Edit: Or this one, apparently from the same show:


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Ummm.. Are you sure these aren’t representative of America? Have you been here? This is exactly what most Americans are like. Even at Universities. There are plenty of non-ignorant Americans, but I’ll bet you I can go to my university’s campus and ask those same questions to just about anyone walking around and will surely get very similar results. Someone asked me recently: “Oh you used to live in Germany? Wow! That’s crazy. Do they even have cars there? What about paved roads? Indoor plumbing?” I get this stuff all the time. From “educated” people.

Oh yes, I’m sure. I’ve met a lot of Americans online and none of them showed such a level of stupidity. I know stories from exchange students, who arrived in the US and got a tour of the house, including instructions how to use such complicated technology as a refrigerator and toaster. But that have got to be isolated cases.
Idiocy is a global disease. You can find interviews like these in German tv too. The difference is that more Germans understand English than the other way around.

Agreed. In and of themselves, these videos are very funny, too. Jay Leno from NBC’s “The Tonight Show” does his “Jaywalking” clips where he interviews random people on the streets. You can probably find some on YouTube. Very funny.

yep, unfortunately, many Americans seem to think the U.S. the cream of the crops.. totally ignorant of the rest of the world… by the way.. I have experienced the “this is the fridge tour” and other things myself.. since I am Czech.. some people even think we Europeans have not got electricity at home 🙂
all in all… it is funny and no one should be offended or take it personally because all nations have such “clever” people

I am from Germany and I don’t think Americans are stupid. Go to any country with these questions and you will get the same stupid answers.
But there is one thing not very smart about Americans, it’s the way they beat each other up
(left vs. right).

I think Australia will have a big problem in the future. But it’s not very difficult to ask many people. And make a funny compilation of the dumbest answers.
But nevertheless it’s quite funny!