I hate: Your bickering over global warming

Nearly 20 years ago, when I was in 7th grade, our teacher told us about the greenhouse effect. It sounded logical, we didn’t doubt it. Today, many “Hottest blabla on record”-headlines later, it still sounds logical. And still there are many people who argue whether it is real or not. What most of them don’t get: It doesn’t matter!

In other countries scientists do the research, inventions will be made, whole industries develop around low-polluting technologies and alternative energy generation. No matter what one thinks about it – the change will come. The only question is: Will the USA profit or will they pay, because they reacted to slow?

We all know that, in a couple of years, China will dominate the global economy. Whatever technology emerges – chances are, it will be build there. But whoever develops the technology and gets the patents, also gets the license fees. Who should it be? You? Us? Or them?

What do you have to lose? If global warming is not a problem, you will still have cleaner air and a new technology that reduces your dependency on mid-eastern oil supply.

So think pragmatically, act American and get off your ass.