My hard drive has passed away

Dear friends and visitors,
We have gathered here today to mourn the loss of a truly reliable friend. Not even two years of age, my loyal companion Matrox, nickname 250 GB Disk, passed away two days ago. Without any previous symptoms he lost his life under rather mysterious circumstances.
Let us all remember him, and my precious MP3 collection that he took with him, as the literally hot piece of storage device that he was. I hope that he is now watching me, if not my friends’ and ex-girlfriends’ pictures, that also died with him, from hard disk heaven above.
Okay, long story short: If you asked yourselves where I have been the last days – I had computer trouble and lost a lot of data. Well, just wanted to let you know.
If you have added me to your viral tags, don’t worry. I’ll add every newcomer tomorrow :-).